Georgia deer hunting
georgia deer hunts
Timber Ridge Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer hunts at Timber Ridge, A deer hunters paradise in Southwest Georgia
Welcome to Timber Ridge Deer Hunts, we are proud to open over 1000 acres of pristine
Georgia deer hunting land located in Georgetown Ga.   

If you are looking for the million dollar lodge  then Timber Ridge deer hunting is not for you.
We specialize in small groups of 2 to 6 hunters who want to experience the thrill of the hunt
without all the "commercial" amenities.
For 20 years until the 2010-2011 season  deer hunting at Timber Ridge had been limited to
family members resulting in very little deer hunting pressure.

Your guides are active, not just during the deer hunting season in Georgia, they are on the
property year round, scouting, planting and working their tails off so you don't have to.
We strongly believe that once you experience Timber Ridge Deer Hunting
in Georgetown Georgia
you will come back year after year.
Deer Hunts are limited so act now to ensure your place.
Whether you are a trophy deer hunter or meat hunter
we look forward to seeing you real soon!
For more information contact

Larry Hubbard  (334)-695-9505
Georgia Deer Hunting
2015/16 season
Bow season: September 13 until Oct 16
Primitive Weapons: Oct 11 until Oct 16
Firearms:  October 17 until January 15

Georgia Deer Hunting License on line application    click here

To apply by phone call 800-366-2661  
Georgia Deer hunting for the passionate deer hunter
For information on Georgia Wildlife click on this link